Lisa says : Mattie follows the life of Martha Ann Sevey. She is eleven as the book opens in the early 1900’s. She lives in a Mormon Colony in Mexico. Her story starts as her family is getting ready to bury her polygamous father. She has a large family with the usual family dynamic of squabbling siblings. Her life is simple.

As a teen things change when she leaves Mexico to live with an older sister. She goes from girl to Young Woman and faces many challenges associated with growing up. Men, they are always a huge learning curve for any girl. Going from a quiet colony to a worldly town makes the transition a little more difficult. She faces challenges that will test her faith, her resolve, and her determination. She is a strong character.

I enjoyed the book from the opening pages. It caught my attention and my interest. I love M. Ann Rohrers writing. This book is historical fiction, a genre which I enjoy. This book hit the mark for me and I give it a solid recommendation.(less)

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