A quest to find faith and love

Welcome to the official website of author M. Ann Rohrer and the historical novel Mattie.

Mattie-novel_M_ann-rohrer-978-1-4621-1111-4-smcoverFollow Mattie in her quest to find faith and love on the eve of the Mexican Revolution. After experiencing insurmountable trials, including escaping a killer and calling off her wedding, Mattie’s faith in God is shaken. In the throes of bitter disappointment, dark despair, and agonizing heartbreak, Mattie emerges a woman of faith. Recognizing God’s hand, she experiences peace, happiness, and enduring love.

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4 thoughts on “A quest to find faith and love

  1. You are an awesome author! Find my comments on your Facebook page. I loved it from beginning to end. Congratulations on an excellent novel. Extremely well written and It was as if you had written several novels before this first one. You are a natural gifted author!!

  2. I would love to talk family history with you. If this is based on a true story then our family lines cross. I do know your Sevey is spelled different then my Sevy but I also know why.

  3. Wonderful story; Very well written. (I’m not an English Professor, but I was certainly impressed by the superlative semantics and syntax!)

    Keep writing……


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