Becky Wright, Deseret News Review: 5/11/2013 “Mattie” is a captivating historical novel based on the true experiences of M. Ann Rohrer’s maternal grandmother who was born and raised in Colonia Juarez, one of the 13 Mormon settlements in Mexico.

Included in the coming of age events of Mattie’s life is a brush with realities of the Mexican Revolution.

“Mattie” has drama and realistic yearnings of the heart, seemingly unattainable dreams, disappointments, dangers and an intense trial of faith. Mattie endures after first wavering in her faith and finds strength beyond her own.

Life-changing decisions seem to be around every corner for Mattie as she tries to listen to her heart and mind and search for God’s promptings.

“Mattie” is a delicious read filled with history, intrigue, adventure, danger, finding faith and discovering God. It is the story of one young woman’s quest to find her true self.

Rohrer has also documented the facts that she used to base each part of the novel.

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